Buy X49 the Perfect Companion to use with X39

X49 & X39 Performance Bundle is Available Now

Since we launched X49 in January 2022, we’ve had some amazing testimonials from users of these patches.  Not just from sports people, anyone can use X49!

Buy our latest ground-breaking product, X49 with your regular order of X39 in a special performance bundle. It’s the perfect companion to X39!

X49 Details

Meet your new active lifestyle ally. Harness X49’s breakthrough technology to do the things you love longer, with more energy, drive, and better results! This is performance reimagined.

  • Promote performance, strength, and stamina
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Reduce muscle soreness and promote recovery from exercise
  • Support fat loss when used in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise program

X39 Details

Backed by over 10 years of research and development, as well as many clinical studies, X39 has been shown to provide an abundance of health benefits related to:

  • Mental clarity
  • Energy and vitality
  • Workouts and recovery
  • Skin Appearance
  • Quality of and duration of sleep
  • Minor discomfort relief

Using LifeWave’s patented NEW X49 and X39 phototherapy patches together, you trigger a multiplier effect that supports performance.

Buy 1 pack of X49 and 1 pack of X39 in our Performance Bundle


Distributor $179.95 

Preferred Customer $179.95 on monthly subscription

Retail Customer $279.95

Learn More About X49 and how it can help you, in the video below and click here for more videos on X49 on my LifeWave Youtube Channel