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A LifeWave success story by David from Auckland

I’ve been through a lot of health ?the past 11yrs due to my heart condition and I only discovered Lifewave this year. I finally got the courage to order a pack of x39 and Glutathione in hope that it will at least make me feel some sort of normal than I have been all these years. Lets just say that with heart conditions and the crap you gotta deal with daily with the medication?

IYKYK! I’ve noticed that since started the patches on Oct 15 I feel alert, less struggle to get around, less worry to plan my day coz it feels easier to do the simple daily things that I couldn’t before. From a guy that use to be a Union, League, Grid Iron and Basketball player growing up, do heavy lifting and boxing at the local gym to then fall ill with my condition? It was a great shock to the system and mentality when diagnosed back in 09.

Doctors and Specialists become quite discriminating at times and even the odd nurses even though they try to mean well. Especially whenever you try to explain that certain things are not helping or makes daily life difficult. BUT now I can honestly say that Lifewave is giving me some sort of calm assurance that at least something is actually helping me and I feel that it’s working.

I even noticed that I have gotten little to no pain from a condition of burning sensations and numbness in my outer thighs that every Dr, surgeons and specialists turned a blind eye to help that I’ve had to deal with for two years! I felt the change after my first day of x39 on Oct 15. To prove that this is true?  I even shared that story straight away to Jan as soon as I noticed it.?

To those skeptical? Give it go you have nothing to lose. Or if you are using patches and are not witnessing or feeling changes? Drink more fluid and REST. I promise you… Deep inside your body it is working.

David Schmidt is THE MAN!?? Wish I found this years ago but I am grateful I finally found it. ?????

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