Lifewave NEW Aromatherapy Shine Bright Dream Big

Lifewave NEW Aromatherapy Mist Sprays Shine Bright – Dream Big, are now available in the USA and Europe and Global launch expected 2023 



LifeWave Shine

How many days of the week do you wake up feeling energized and awake? 

If you feel low on energy in the morning, you’re not alone. 45% of people sleeping 7-8 hours a night report feeling tired or fatigued up to 3 times a week upon rising.(1)

Every day is your day to shine – LifeWave Shine aromatherapy mist is a blend of natural herbs and essential oils embedded into a proprietary energized and structured water allowing for rapid results. 


  • Encourage feeling of overall wellness and energy
  • Instant invigorating aroma to help awaken the senses in the morning
  • Helps create a focused energizing boost for the day ahead


  • Infused with a science backed blend of natural ingredients
  • Proprietary energized and structured water

LifeWave Dream

How many nights do you toss and turn yearning for sleep to come? 

Roughly 62% of adults worldwide feel that they do not sleep well when they go to bed at night(2) and insomnia is known to affect between 30-45% of people.(3)

Beyond your wildest dreams – LifeWave Dream aromatherapy mist is a natural blend of calming ingredients that create a zen-like environment and promote feelings of peace at bedtime as you unwind and relax.  


  • Encourage feelings of rest and relaxation
  • Soothe your senses with a peaceful aroma  
  • Creates a calming ambiance for your bedtime routine


  • Infused with a science backed blend of natural ingredients
  • Proprietary energized and structured water

How to Use Shine and Dream Aromatherapy Mists

Spray on wrist and inhale to enjoy the scent.

Use Shine in the Morning and Dream in the Evening before bed.

Precautions Shine and Dream Aromatherapy Mists

Avoid direct contact with eyes.  If product gets into eyes, rinse well with warm water and immediately seek medical attention. DO NOT INGEST. If swallowed contact a poison control center. Do not use if you are under 18 years or age, pregnant or nursing.  

“Check your country to see if Shine and Dream is available yet” 

USA is available to BUY Now and I’m sure other countries will follow soon!