LifeWave SP6 Patching to Curb Cravings

SP6 the safe and effective way! Are you looking to curb cravings and reduce your appetite ? Try our SP6 patch as part of your weight management and fat loss program

SP6 curb cravings

LifeWave SP6 patches are based on the principles of using acupressure, a traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy. 

According to Acupressure, stimulating specific points on the body can be used to balance and control appetite as well as treat a variety of other ailments. 

The human brain contains a region called the hypothalamus, which is in charge of the feeling of hunger among numerous other functions. Being able to apply pressure to the acupressure points corresponding with the hypothalamus can help to reduce the feeling of hunger and even cravings.

LifeWave research has demonstrated that a single SP6 COMPLETE Patch worn on an acupressure point ST36 for 12 hours a day over a period of 1 week produced a highly significant improvement in the physiologic functional status of the liver, pancreas, kidneys with an average statistical power increased 97% and a very significant improvement in the functional status of the thyroid, intestines and hypothalamus with an average power increased 87% and a significant improvement in the adrenal glands with an average statistical power increased 75%.”

Click here to download the LifeWave published paper on SP6 using acupressure point ST36.  You can find all studies under science on our website

Dr Karen Kan explains how to curb your cravings using the SP6 patch

SP6 COMPLETE is a White NEGATIVE Patch and is placed generally to a negative location on the body (left side).

You will find other SP6 patch placement alternatives in the product brochure, experiment and see what suits you best!