LifeWave X39 Testimonials

My Personal X39 Testimonial after two weeks
LifeWave X39™ Stem Cell Patches. LIFEWAVE X39™ PATCHES
“I’m so happy I can now walk my dogs”

I’m using the x39 patches to help with my four spine fractures which occurred last year and am totally blown away with my early results which have helped me to walk better, can reach the towel rail in our bathroom which is high up over a radiator, can paint my toe nails and my energy is so much better. All this happened very quickly, I could feel the difference within a couple of hours of putting on my first patch.

I’m now more flexible, as I found it difficult bending and picking things up. So feeling really good and most importantly no pain from my spine fractures !

And the really best thing is … I can walk my dogs on my own – ?? I haven’t done that since last August when I fractured – my husband had to take over the two daily dog walks. I could only walk a short distance before the patches and that was with my Nordic walking poles.

I’m up to walking 5-7 miles a day now with no issues and no poles…

I’m sure over time I’ll find other benefits but that’s it for now – I’ve only be using the patches for two weeks ?

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