LifeWave Preferred Customer

Preferred Customer Program

LifeWave is pleased to announce it’s Preferred Customer Program!

LifeWave has put together a great new incentive program that offers any retail customer the chance to enjoy more favourable pricing, as long as they are on Autoship.

A new customer when ordering will see 2 pricing options: one for Retail customers, one for Preferred customers. If they choose Preferred customer they will be asked to set up Autoship.

Here are Pricing Details:

Retail Customer
1 pack = $79.95
2 packs = $74.95 each,
3 packs or more = $69.95 each

Preferred Customer
1 pack = $69.95
2 packs = $59.95
3 packs or more = $49.95

So some great savings if you’re going to be on LifeWave products longterm, select Preferred Customer and set up your monthly autoship.

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There’s also another way to make savings on purchasing your personal products – if you JOIN LifeWave you’ll receive products at wholesale prices the same as a Distributor, but there is no need to recruit, just make savings…. and NO MONTHLY AUTOSHIP

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You’ll pay a one off payment of $25 for the use of the ordering website, the best packs to buy are either Silver or Gold.  Silver pack gets you 3 months supply of X39 patches (3 packs)  The Gold package gets you 5 months supply of X39 patches (5 packs) and 1 month of Alavida skincare patches (1 pack), or choose another pack from the list displayed.