How do I use LifeWave X39

If you’re looking at buying LifeWave X39 patches you’ll want to know how to use.

Here’s the instructions and images

LifeWave X39 Stem Cell patches. LIFEWAVE X39™ PATCHESLifeWave X39 Stem Cell patches. LIFEWAVE X39™ PATCHES

Place one of LifeWave X39™ patch on the body, using one of the locations shown above. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin in the morning. Patches may be worn for up to 12 hours before discarding. Keep well hydrated while using this product. The X39 patch can also be applied directly to a point of pain or injury. Do not place on broken skin.

Caution: Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin irritation occurs. Do not reuse patch once removed from the skin. For external use only. Do not ingest. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Ask a health professional before using if you have a health condition, any questions or concerns about your health. DO not use if pregnant or nursing.

Click here for the X39 Instruction Booklet to download

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