Cheapest Way to Buy LifeWave X39

The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Buy LifeWave X39

Even though we now have a LifeWave Preferred Customer option when buying products at Retail – the cheapest and far best way is to JOIN LifeWave and Become a Distributor or a Wholesale Customer. It’s the same sign up! 

Distributors retail and build teams (as a business) Wholesale Customers just buy for themselves and take advantage of the savings. 

LifeWave Preferred Retail Customers = discounted prices MONTHLY AUTOSHIP

Distributor or Wholesale Customer = wholesale prices cheaper than Preferred Customer,$25 to Join but NO MONTHLY AUTOSHIP

The $25 to JOIN LifeWave gets you the ordering system and then you need to select a package.  Silver and Gold are the most popular joining packs.  Silver is 3 months supply of X39 (3 packs) and Gold is 5 months supply of X39 (5 packs) Once you have joined you can make even more savings by either Upgrading or by buying our Maintenance packs.

Ordering is easy and can done 24/7 on your laptop, ipad or tablet.