Why Did LifeWave chose the Direct Sales Model

Why David CEO and Inventor or LifeWave chose to promote it’s products using the Direct Sales Model

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As Founder and CEO of LifeWave, I’m often asked questions about how the company is run, usually by those seeking to reach our level of success. While I won’t pretend to be some kind of guru, I do feel that the lessons we’ve learned on our way to becoming a leader in the health and wellness field can be instructive. This is especially true when it comes to the choices we’ve made offering our products through a direct sales model. In the interest of shining a light on that process, I’ve broken down that decision and its ramifications below.

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Since the nature of our primary products — our phototherapy patches — contributed heavily towards our choice of sales model, it’s prudent to take a quick look at the technology behind them. These patches came out of research I conducted into stimulating energy and stamina without the use of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals. To that end, I began to look to the power of phototherapy and the ways it can positively influence health and wellness. Phototherapy, broadly defined uses light in a therapeutic fashion, and has been around for thousands of years. Cultures across the world have long understood the myriad of benefits that can come from even simple exposure to sunlight.

More recently, however, modern science has expanded on the use of light in the health and wellness field. These days, phototherapy is used for a long list of benefits, however, most often these benefits are derived from exposing the body to external light sources. One of the major innovations of our phototherapy patches is the way they can be affixed topically to a user’s skin in order to reflect light that originates in the body. By designing the patches to reflect specific wavelengths of light at specific locations in the body, we’ve been able to achieve a number of significant health and wellness effects.

Choosing a sales model

As you can see above, our products use innovative technologies to accomplish their health and wellness outcomes. While that’s great in the sense that we can provide customers with access to previously untapped potential for improving their health, it can also make our sales process a bit complicated. In the beginning, due to the paradigm-shifting nature of our products, we were unsure if they would lend themselves to a traditional retail model. We just didn’t know if a shopper would recognize the potential of the patches if they were sitting on a shelf without someone there to explain how they worked. That’s ultimately why we went with a direct sales model.

With direct sales, you can usually be assured that customers are being presented with all of the relevant information they need to make a purchasing decision. Direct sales partners can answer questions that may arise about the technology and can also provide their own firsthand experience with our products. We felt this would be a more efficient way to get our message out and time has ultimately proved us right. From a humble beginning, our products are now offered in upwards of a 100 countries and we’ve been listed as one of Inc Magazine’s fastest-growing companies in three separate years.

Additional benefits

While much of the decision to go with a direct sales model came from making our products more accessible, it has also helped create a community of partners that I’m consistently proud to be working with. I now see our direct sales model as a way to not only introduce customers to our technologies, but also to help our partners build successful businesses through efforts of their own.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is supporting our sellers in building those businesses. I speak at conferences around the world aimed at informing our partners about our latest products and the many ways they can grow using that additional information. It’s also a pleasure to see partners networking at those conferences to help each other. In a very real way, our endeavor has become more than just our advanced technology, it’s also become a community.

When I think about the wide range of decisions I’ve made through my work at LifeWave, the decision to institute a direct sales model stands out as one of my most enduring. Seeing the positive effect it’s had on our customers, partners, and company showcases the power of this way of operating. I encourage other entrepreneurs to give it serious consideration in their own endeavors, it just may be a missing ingredient that ultimately helps to bring success.


Written by David Schmidt