Glutathione Patches can help with improving our Immune System

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and primary antioxidant for detoxification. It’s found in nearly every human cell, and medical experts say that lifespan is directly equivalent to the amount of Glutathione in your body. With its ability to protect and detoxify, it also provides crucial immune system support. 

As the primary defense against invaders from outside and inside the body, the importance of the immune system cannot be overstated. No other single product can support your immune system like LifeWave Glutathione patches with no drugs, stimulants or chemicals

Our Glutathione patch will according to LifeWave’s clinical trials raise your glutathione levels by as much as 300% within 24 hours and no other single product can support your immune system as efficiently, not even an intravenous drip.  This is because with our patch you can keep the levels up constantly for as long as you want or need …  but with the drip ,the moment you remove it, your glutathione levels will drop back.

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Glutathione is part of the Y-Age system which consists of Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon patches


A great webinar video with David Schmidt, CEO and Founder of LifeWave, who explains the benefits of Glutathione.