How to join LifeWave

There are many reasons to Join LifeWave, whether you’re looking at LifeWave as a business – or if just looking to buy great wellness products at wholesale prices. In either case we would love you to join us!

Joining LifeWave is a simple process just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on this link
  2. Select the Join button and add your country
  3. Select Join Now
  4. Select an Enrollment Kit – Bronze is $124.95 (1 months supply of X39) or Silver is $299.95 (3 months supply of X39) – the Starter Kit only gets you the back office to run your business and your personal retail website (no products)
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Website and Login select your Username which will become your website name. If Username is already taken the system will tell you. (you can use own name or your business name)
  7. Add a Password
  8. Shipping Information ✅ the box if your shipping address is the same as your main address
  9. Add your Credit Card details
  10. Read the terms and conditions , scroll until the very end and ✅ the I agree box
  11. Click the Submit button

Please note the prices quoted at Step 4 do not include Vat or Shipping – this will be added when joining completed

That’s it you’re joined.

Welcome ? to our Team.

If you’re wanting to build a LifeWave business, earning retail and commissions contact me – by using the contact form here

We have Facebook Groups and a Training Website.