LifeWave X39 patches Launch in Japan


Japan is the fastest growing country in LifeWave and X39 stem cell activation patches launched there on 20 July 2019.

In Japan in January this year, LifeWave sales were $200,000 for the month, in June it was $1.6 million for the month. They expect within the next 2-3 years it will be $30 to $50 million per month. At the launch there were 600 people in the auditorium which overflowed out in the corridor. The atmosphere at the event was electric!

The Leaders in Japan are remarkable, with one lady distributor recruiting 89 Diamonds in her first 90 days, that’s an incredible achievement.

Diamond is the top package to join with, it is $1,600 and gets us 19 packs of X39 or about 40 packs of the earlier patches. You can of course mix whatever you want.

Japan is experiencing a higher percentage of health benefits with using our patches, but this could also be attributed to their very healthy diet. 

This is an extract taken from David and Muffett’s inside scoop, published on Facebook.

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Below is a video in Japanese explaining phototherapy and our patches.