New LifeWave program for Olympians


Are you a LifeWave Distributor and do you know a future Olympian?

LifeWave is looking to support Olympian Athletes by helping them to compete at their peak! 

This is a new program to provide 1 pack of X39 and 1 x pack of Carnosine on a monthly basis, free of charge to that athlete, until the Olympics (and 3 months past the Olympics if they achieve a podium finish)  As a Distributor you’ll get 1 x pack of X39 for yourself for each Olympic Athlete that signs up with LifeWave.

LifeWave patches are FDA registered and Olympic Committee approved as they are NON TRANSDERMAL, meaning there are no ingredients in them, FREE of DRUGSCHEMICALSSTIMULANTS, and nothing gets ingested into the body

So if you’re an athlete going to Japan in 2020 and competing soon, get in touch:

If you’re a Distributor you’ll get all the latest info in the LifeWave Splash newsletter.

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Important update 2020 Olympics cancelled due to Coronavirus. On schedule now for 2021!